6th September is a glorious chapter in the annals of our history when out adversary made the mistake to test the indomitable spirit and unflinching faith of the Pakistani nation and its armed forces. It reminds us of the sacrifices of unparalleled courage and bravery of our Shuhadas and Ghazis who with unwavering support of the nation, smashed the enemy’s miscalculate notion of superiority. It is a day to pay homage to our heroes who by their unrivalled valour and bravery, penned new tales of fortitude and chivalry which are a source of inspiration pride for us.

On this day, our valiant armed forces through their sheet grit and resolve, routed the false ambitions of the enemy on all here fronts of land, air and sea. Pakistan Navy despite being numerically smaller, through its daring war planning and strategic initiatives, struck the enemy inside its home port and reigned supreme in the Indian Ocean, throughout the war. ‘Operation SOMNATH’ wherein Pakistan Navy audaciously attacked and destroyed Indian Radar Station Dwarka, put the Indian Navy on the defensive, right from the onset of war. PN S/M Ghazi’s uncontested dominance in the Indian Ocean kept major Indian fleet tied up in harbours and Indian A/C Carrier far removed from the battle theatre.

The prevailing geo-strategic environment in the region has become increasing fluid shaped by host of emerging challenges and opportunities. Maritime domain too, terrorism, piracy and illegal trafficking, that have the potential to disrupt international trade and order at sea instantly. Pakistan navy has been a major player in ensuring maritime security in the Indian Ocean. With the development of CPES, having Gwadar Port as its lynchpin, and the concept of blue economy materializing fast, there are huge economic spin offs on offer; not only for Pakistan but also for the region and beyond.

Pakistan navy, entrusted with the onerous responsibility to guard country’ sea frontiers, amply demonstrated its capability and professional prowess in the recent tracked and forced out of our waters by PN Aircraft the forbidding presence of PN offense elements, kept the Indian navy ships fearful and on the defensive. We bow out head before Allah (SWT) for his divine help in keeping us steadfast and striking fear in the hearts of our enemy.

As we pay homage to the feats of gallantry of our ’65 War heroes, we must not lose sight of the refreshing message of their sacrifices, to work selflessly to make Pakistan a strong and formidable country in the comity of nations. By anchoring our unswerving faith in Allah SWT and drawing strength from the glorious traditions of our predecessors, we must commit to do our utmost to transform Pakistan into a prosperous and vibrant Islamic welfare state. Today, all the Officers, CPOs / Sailors and Navy Civilians, pledge to defend the maritime frontiers of their Mother land and re-dedicate themselves for a brighter and better tomorrow.

May Allah SWT be out Protector and Guide.



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