Dear Parents,

السؔلام علیکم!

The purpose of this circular is to notify parents that parental involvement and responsibility are essential and parents are accountable for their children’s behaviour. They have the essential role to strive for their children demonstrating good and acceptable behaviour at all times. Every student is also responsible for his own behaviour and to act in a manner that demonstrates self-discipline and a sense of responsibility.

Students are expected to

  1. Abide by their college Behaviour Policy rules.
  2. Have a positive approach during online classes and show courtesy and respect at all times towards teachers.
  3. Be regular in attendance and punctual.
  4. Co-operate with their peers and recognise that no poor standards of behaviour will be accepted.
  5. Join the online classes with their real names and pictures. (preferably in uniform)
  6. Parents must observe their ward during online classes.
  7. Parents ensure the secrecy of online class link, link should not be shared to anyone.
  8. Parents should check class WhatsApp groups daily.
  9. Marks are allocated for timely HW/Assign/tests etc.
  10. Absent will be marked if any student absents himself/herself in any periods of the day.

 Note: Teachers will not allow any student who enter the class without their real names and pictures/ Display picture on zoom. Teachers will allow students as per class name list. Students write their full names with Sr. the bracket as M. Ali Khan (24) to enter the online class.

 With profound regards


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