2nd Inter Wing Bilingual Declamation Competition was held at Bahria College Karsaz on 4th November 2021. Altogether, 41 students participated in this brilliant battle of words from different wing of the college. Students of Girls Wing Morning, Girls Wing Afternoon, Boys Wing Morning, Boys Wing Afternoon and Cambridge Wing were participated in the competition. Students of Boys Wing secured all the three positions in English Speech. Cambridge Wing bagged 1st & 3rd Positions in Urdu Speech and Girls Wing Bagged 2nd Position in Urdu Speech as well as Winging Trophy this year also. The competition was judged by a prudent panel of judges. Principal Bahria College Karsaz graced the occasion as the Chief Guest. The winners of the competition were awarded with the shields and certificates.

ADE_7696 ADE_7719 ADE_7709 ADE_7693 ADE_7705 ADE_7689 ADE_7701 ADE_7686 ADE_7699 ADE_7682 ADE_7723 ADE_7729 ADE_7732 ADE_7735 ADE_7737 ADE_7747 ADE_7746 ADE_7744 ADE_7742 ADE_7741 ADE_7762 ADE_7464 ADE_7465 ADE_7467 ADE_7493 ADE_7503 ADE_7502 ADE_7501 ADE_7500 ADE_7497 ADE_7504 ADE_7509 ADE_7511 ADE_7516 ADE_7519 ADE_7530 ADE_7554 ADE_7550 ADE_7528 ADE_7545 ADE_7527 ADE_7540 ADE_7524 ADE_7538 ADE_7523 ADE_7556 ADE_7567 ADE_7568 ADE_7570 ADE_7571 ADE_7588 ADE_7587 ADE_7583 ADE_7581 ADE_7576 ADE_7589 ADE_7599 ADE_7605 ADE_7592 ADE_7607 ADE_7594 ADE_7609 ADE_7595 ADE_7615 ADE_7597 ADE_7640 ADE_7630 ADE_7626 ADE_7622 ADE_7620 ADE_7647 ADE_7656 ADE_7662 ADE_7676 ADE_7679


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