Education aims to equip a child adequately with both mental and physical potentials so that he/she feels ready to take up the challenges and shoulder the responsibilities of life with confidence. And that he/she is proud of his/her religion, country, culture, heritage and profession. Hence, the following aspects of education of a child are looked into and catered for as effectively and efficiently as possible in this institution:

a. Development of personal qualities like honesty, integrity, self discipline, diligence, etc. through appreciation, affection and reward in and outside the classroom.

b. Development of individual qualities like co-operation, tolerance etc. through proper sociability, motivation and guidance.
c. Development of leadership qualities like taking initiative, decision making power and confidence by providing opportunities to hold appointments as Class Monitors, Prefects, Head Boys, Head Girls, House Captains, DCC and CCC in various societies and clubs of the college.

d. Detection and elimination of the negative traits of personality like selfishness, violence, short cutting in-discipline, etc. by constant observation as well as counseling and through adoption of corrective measures where necessary.

e. Development of curiosity, creative thinking and sense of inquiry in pedagogic atmosphere, created through insinuating and coherent approach of teaching.

g. Development of interest in co-curricular and extra curricular activities so as to develop their innate skills, aptitude, mode of expression and also broaden their horizon of general knowledge through dramatics, debates, declamations, excursions and study tours etc.