Message from Vice Principals

Message from Vice Principal (Boys Wing – Morning & Afternoon)


It is a fact that care for education is very much in vogue nowadays. The attempts to make use of latest scientific techniques & teaching aids are also praiseworthy. But the best thing is the transformation in the attitude towards education. Gone are the days when a teacher was just considered to be an instructor or task master. The role has become more congenial & inspirational. Being helper, facilitator and guide, a teacher does not impart only knowledge but he guides how to acquire knowledge. It makes the bottom line of all our endeavors to groom young individuals for the challenges of the future.

Mr Imran Safdar (Boys Wing)

Message from Vice Principal (Girls Wing – Morning)

shaina.1-ed Communication revolution has exposed us to an incredible range of information. The vast quantum of information, the possibility of travel, the investigation and research offer tremendous potential for education. I hope the students will acquire knowledge to improve themselves and make use of the latest technology in acquiring useful information which may benefit them and humanity in general.

Mrs. Shaheena Imran (Girls Wing)

Message from Vice Principal (Girls Wing – Senior Section)

ed-DSC_5309In present era best role of education is to invest on human capital for achieving this objective here our faculty members use active and collaborative learning techniques , engage students in experience , emphasize higher – order cognitive activities in the class room , interact with students, challenge students academically , and value enriching educational experiences.
As we know the students come there with a great hope and vision to achieve their dreams. The aim of the college always has been to bring out the best in the students and make them better citizens. The college always tries to impact in students the academic excellence, a sense of duty moral and humanitarian values whichever a need of the time.
Mrs. Farzana Faisal