Message from Vice Principal (Cambridge Wing)

uzmaA pupil of today is a citizen of tomorrow. In line with this notion the main objective of an educational institution is to help its pupils to develop well-balanced personalities which involve an all-round development of body, mind and spirit. The CIE curriculum is designed to fulfill the educational needs of youngsters in the global environment of ever changing and challenging world. It provides them opportunities for the development and growth of all their varied talents to equip them for what is to follow. For us, at Cambridge wing, Bahria College Karsaz, the physical well being of students is as important as the development of their thinking and judgment. We are striving hard for grooming their character, taste and spiritual powers. We aim at inculcating a genuine quest for learning alongside those standards of moral actions which are essential for successful living in society and for getting true satisfaction out of life. We wish that our students should leave school prepared to put into society all that they can, knowing the best ways of doing this.

Mrs Uzma Atif(Cambridge Wing)